The German-Soviet War 1941-1945
Date 22.06.1941 - 09.05.1945
Location Eastern Europe
Result The collapse of Nazi Germany, the victory of the Soviet Union, the continuation of the Soviet terror.
Flag of Germany 1933-1945 Nazi Germany Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Germany 1933-1945 Adolf Hitler
Flag of Wehrmacht Ernst Busch
Flag of Wehrmacht Heinz Guderian
Flag of Wehrmacht Ewald von Kleist
Flag of Wehrmacht Günther von Kluge
Flag of Wehrmacht Georg von Küchler
Flag of Wehrmacht Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb
Flag Schutzstaffel Felix Steiner
Flag of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin
Red Army flag Georgiy Zhukov
Red Army flag Vasiliy Chuikov
Red Army flag Konstantin Rokossovsky
Red Army flag Aleksandr Vasilevsky
Red Army flag Kliment Voroshilov

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